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Fresh Market

BUY FRESH!!! BUY LOCAL!!! Fresh Market is open every Thursday, June-October 3pm to 7pm at Tower Park in Downtown Delavan, WI. The Delavan Fresh Market exists to facilitate a link between local producers and...


Public Fire Protection

What is Public Fire Protection (PFP) In developing water rates, costs of providing water are divided into primarily three categories including volume related, meter or fixed charges and PFP. Costs related to such things...

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2013 City of Delavan Budget

The Budget for Fiscal Year 2013 is now available. Click here to download and view the PDF file. Common Council: Finance Chairman Bruce DeWitt Alderman Gary Stebnitz Alderman Ryan Schroeder Alderman Mary O’Connor Alderman...


Delavan History

Delavan, WI Historical Society: Visit their website Delavan sits in the middle of what was at one time an inland sea. During the Ice Age, many glaciers, the last of which was known as...

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