Brush and Leaf Collection Reminders for 2017


BRUSH COLLECTION: The last scheduled day for monthly brush collection in the City of Delavan for 2017 is Monday, October 16th, weather permitting. Please have the branches out on the terrace by 7:30 AM. The collection will start on the west side of the City and continue east until all areas of the City have been covered.  Crews will only go through an area one time.

DROP-OFF COMPOST SITE: November 11th will be the last Saturday the City of Delavan drop-off compost site, located at the Street Department, 490 Richmond Road, will be open for residents to utilize. Saturday operation will commence again in March, 2018. The drop-off compost site will remain open weekdays from 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., Monday thru Friday, except holidays.

COLLECTING LEAVES: The City of Delavan Street Department will be collecting leaves with the leaf vacuum equipment, as weather allows. Please remember to place the leaves evenly in the street adjacent to the curb and not bagged.  Residents of the City of Delavan may also deposit leaves at the drop-off compost site.



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