D.O.T. Construction Closure UPDATE – June 6, 2017

Hello Everyone,

 It’s the beginning of June and the weather is starting to let us work all week and we have made progress on the project.  Our progress during the last two weeks has continued to shape the boundary for the new EB lanes on Geneva Street and Borg Road as we  continue to dig out for the new road.  The look ahead for the WI 50 construction project will include:

Geneva Street & Wright/Borg Street Intersection construction, the contractor continues to construct the new east bound lanes on the south side of the road and the new west half of Wright Street and Borg Road. Geneva Street will continue to have two single lanes of traffic through this area on the north half of the street from Alder Ave to the cross over on the east end of the project by the Shopko shopping center driveway. Wright Street and Borg Road will have the new southbound lanes dug out afterward.  In this next two weeks we will finish placing the new storm sewer. The start of the concrete work for the intersection is scheduled for June 19, weather permitting.  During the concrete paving phase of the intersection, Borg Road will be shut down for a period of time, up to two weeks starting June 14, so that the old roadway can be removed and the new concrete can be placed.  For businesses that have driveways impacted by the construction, please let us know if something is scheduled so that we can try and accommodate your needs. The contractor will be informing each business before we get to them, however due to the size of the equipment and the area being worked on, if special staging is warranted we must have time to plan it. This stage is scheduled to go into July. As we get closer to the end of the stage I will try and give a better date.

Watermain replacement (Wisconsin Street to Park Ave)  The main part of the water main is in and awaiting testing so that the crew can connect it to the rest of the City’s water main system. During this time, intersections will be closed so that the connections can be made.  Afterward the water services will be replaced.  When the services are replaced people will be individually notified, 24 hours prior, that their water is going to be shut off.  During the day the work area of the water main will be closed unless other accommodations need to be made for access to a business when no other is available.  During the night or shut down time, when we can safely maintain  a single lane in each direction, we will have a single lane in each direction for business access.

There is a Public Information meeting scheduled for Monday June 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm at the City Municipal Building in the council chambers to answer questions and concern about the upcoming closure of Borg Road.

There is going to be a closure of the 7th Street Railroad crossing to replace it. The new crossing will have concrete panels and the new asphalt that we will be placing is going to make the ride across much smoother.

 Also to remind everyone that the detour for the project will only be during this stage of the project, not for the entire duration of the project as some people have asked me about. Once this stage of project is complete, thru-traffic will be restored with restrictions in July.

 For businesses that want to place signs for business access, please fill out the attached form. Please note that all signs must have a permit form submitted and approved or the sign will be subject to removal, weather it is on public or private property. Signs that are on City streets must also be approved by the city. If you have questions please call.

 If anyone knows of another business or person that would like to become part of the email updates that are sent out please have them email or call me and I will gladly add them.


Matthew Smith
Engineering Specialist Advance
WI 50 Construction Project
414-750-1537 Cell


WIS 50 Construction/ Detour Map

WIS 50 Construction/ Detour Map

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See map of closures & detours at https://projects.511wi.gov/wis50walw/map/
Closure information provided by DOT – 511 Wisconsin Construction Projects at https://projects.511wi.gov/wis50walw/




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