Deferred Payment, Automated Monthly Billing – Utility Services

2014 Utility Billing – Conversion from Quarterly to Monthly Schedule

Deferred Payment Agreement for Utility Services

For those interested in downloading the new 2014 Deferred Payment Agreement for Utility Services, click here.

Utility Billing Bank Draft (ACH) Application

The automated Utility Billing Bank Draft ACH program is a convenient way to pay a utility bill. The City will automatically draft (debit) the amount of your monthly bill from your bank account, and the customer will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Service is FREE of charge
  • No check to write.
  • No postage to pay.
  • No more trips to City Hall to pay in person.
  • No more late payment fees.

For more information and to download the application, click here.

For Additional General Information: You can also visit the the Water and Sewer page

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