Park Reservations


Parkland, Facility and Equipment Use


The City-owned parkland, park facilities and shelter areas are primarily for the nonexclusive use of the residents and visitors of the City. However, when feasible, these facilities shall be made available for use or rent by non-departmental entities such as resident and non-resident individuals at least 18 years of age; private and public, non-profit and for profit organizations; other government agencies and other City of Delavan departments.

Reservation Process

Reservations will be accepted, on a first-come; first-served basis, on the first business day after January 1st each year. A completed Facility Reservation Form, Security Deposit and all Support Services Fees must be submitted at the time of reservation. Rental Fee payment is due sixty (60) days prior to first booking of the approved reservation. Final payment will be accepted in person at 123 South Second Street or by mail at PO Box 465, Delavan, WI 53115. For more information on the Reservation process or to ask questions about the available facilities, please contact our office at 262-728-5585 Ext 132.

Facility Reservation Policy and Form

Before submitting a Facility Reservation Form, please view our Facility Rental Policy.

Facility Reservation Form
Facility Rental Policy

Available Facilities, Amenities and Associated Fees

Click here to find the facilities that are available for reservation, the park amenities that are associated with the facility and the Rental, Security Deposit and Beer Privilege Fees that apply for each location and type of facility.

Waiver/Reduction of Fees

Under some circumstances, the City may waive or reduce fees. These circumstances are outlined in the policy referenced above. After reviewing these circumstances in the policy, should you choose to request a waiver of fees, you must submit a Letter of Request at least sixty days prior to the first booking of your reservation.
Letter of Request

Paul Lange Arboretum

One special use area that is available for reservation, but does not have a building structure is the Paul Lange Arboretum. This beautiful area, on the Northwest shore of Comus Lake, is often used as a place to have outdoor weddings during the summer time. While there is not an actual Gazebo, we reserve this area under the same rental and security deposit fee structure as a gazebo.

Phoenix Park Band Shell

The reservation of Phoenix Park Band Shell is provided for under a separate policy. Please review the Phoenix Park Band Shell Policy before requesting a reservation. Doing so will help to identify organizational issues that must be considered. Reservations of this facility are coordinated directly with the Parks and Recreation Director. When ready to reserve, contact the Director at 262-728-5585 Ext 132.
Phoenix Park Band Shell Policy

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