Location: Police Department, 123 South Second Street, Delavan, WI 53115

Hours: Police Lobby open 24 hours a day.
Administration available Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Phone Numbers:
Emergency – 911
Non-emergency – (262) 728-6311
General Information – (262) 728-6311
Fax – (262) 728-6315

Meetings:  City Meeting Agenda / Minutes


Citizen Services Program Website


Administration/Management Team

Chief of Police Jim Hansen

Assistant Chief James Bilskey

Lieutenant Joshua Flitcroft

Lieutenant James Berlin

Lieutenant Dave Markley

Lieutenant Phil Tucker

Administrative Assistant Diane Severt
262.728.5585 ext 134

Full Listing of Police Department Contacts

Tips and Resources

List of Home Health Hazards

10 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed


Delavan Police Department Citizen Services Portal

The purpose of this site is to provide an additional alternative to citizens for obtaining information or reporting certain types of incidents.

Citizen Services Website

Use of Force Policy


City of Delavan Police Department Use of Force Policy

This policy has been developed in compliance with Wisconsin State Statute (see Law
Enforcement Policies on Use of Force, ss 66.312) to assist officers in making appropriate
use of force decisions and thereby provide due process to citizens as well as civil and
criminal protection for the officer and the Department. This policy also seeks to aid officers
in articulating their decisions to use force to their superiors, the community, and the judiciary.


The City of Delavan Police Department is comprised of 23 full-time sworn personnel and a part-time Reserve Officer program which provides for 4,200 hours of coverage (number of Reserve Officers vary – currently estimated at 10).

The Department patrols 5.2 square miles within the City and 2.2 square miles within the Village of Darien with 8 marked squad cars.   All marked squads are equipped with mobile data computers which allow Officers to conduct business with the City’s 911 Dispatch Center and the State of Wisconsin.

Patrol vehicles are also equipped with Automatic Defibrillators and 100% of our Officers receive CCR certifications and re-certifications.  Narcan, an overdose intervention drug has also been added to all marked squad cars. Narcan blocks the effects of heroin and other drugs in overdose cases. This allows Officers to administer this life saving drug to victims if they arrive at the scene in advance of the EMS team.

Since January 1, 2013, the City of Delavan has been providing police services to the Village of Darien through an intergovernmental agreement.  This cooperative effort reflects the shared beliefs that by working together both communities benefit from both a service and cost perspective.  The ability to respond to emergencies within the expanded service area is enhanced yet costs are reduced through the sharing of administrative expenses.   In 2013, the total number of full-time sworn personnel was increased to provide for the staffing necessary to service this shared service agreement.  This additional manpower provides the Department with increased flexibility in scheduling to meet the service demand needs of the combined area.

One of the City’s full-time Officers serves as School Resource Officer at Delavan-Darien High School. All schools are patrolled at least twice per week to ensure the building is secure, and so students and Officers build positive relationships.  The Police Department also has a Detective Bureau that is staffed by 2 full-time Detectives.   Our Detective Bureau handles on average over 300 criminal referrals per year. This year the Police Department began its own Drug Unit comprised of one Lieutenant and 5 Officers. This group also serves as our high risk entry team.

The City of Delavan Police Department receives over 50,000 telephone calls per year, which result in over 16,000 Officer Interventions.  In 2018 we began using our new recordkeeping system, Pro Phoenix. Pro Phoenix provides the police department access to all of Walworth County Jurisdiction’s internal information and also provides a mode of direct communication via the system. This streamlines our ability to locate people and their personal information, which increases our ability to investigate crimes more thoroughly. Pro Phoenix also provides up to date information on man hour resources to show efforts on a specific case.  Pro Phoenix record keeping system also is in alignment with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) is an incident-based reporting system used by law enforcement agencies in the United States for collecting and reporting data on crimes. Local, state and federal agencies generate NIBRS data from their records management systems. This provides the most accurate reporting on crime information. The Pro Phoenix system also allows us to set up house (vacation) checks, and other citizen services were every day there is a log to serve as a reminder. The system also allows for citizens to share their home surveillance footage if they choose. The benefit to this is, if we have a crime occurring in the area, the footage may turn up leads to assist us in solving crime.

We also are looking to partner with local groups to offer Neighborhood Watch programs, or simple one time Neighborhood meetings to discuss local concerns. If your civic group wishes a presentation on; drug awareness, scams, theft of personal identity, internet safety, or any other issue of concern, we are happy to put together a presentation and answer question. Just reach out to a member of the Administrative Team.

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