For the most current utility information, call the chamber office at 262-728-5095.

Electric Power

Alliant Utilities/Wisconsin Power & Light Company
222 W. WashingtonMadison, WI 53703
Service Information: 1-800-862-6222

Sanitary Sewerage

Walworth County Metropolitan Sewerage District
975 W. Walworth Avenue
Average Annual Hydraulic Loading: 5.75 million gallons per day
Average Hydraulic Design Capacity: 8.11 million gallons per day
Rate Information: 262/728-5585


City of Delavan Water Department
Source: Groundwater (four wells)
Pumping Capacity: 4,572 million gallons per day
Average Daily Consumption: 942,400 gallons
Rate Information: 262/728-5585

Solid Waste

Weekly removal of household garbage and refuse is handled by private companies licensed by the City to operate in Delavan. Their charges include both pickup service and landfill costs. No tax monies are used to support this operation, therefore any private hauling of debris to the landfill requires a charge at the gate.


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