Special information for landlords

The utility will be instituting a customer name change authorization form. This form will require the landlord to file in writing, with the utility, the customer authorization form indicating customer’s name that will be shown on the monthly bill. For example, information required will be:

Information for tenant moving out

(1) Tenant’s name final bill will be mailed to:
(2) Mailing address for aforementioned tenant.
(3) Date tenant will be moving out and will no longer be responsible for utility bill.
Note: Call the utility office 728-5585 ext 139 or 127 to schedule a time for the meter operator to obtain the meter reading. Final bills are generated once a week, currently on Thursday’s. If a bill is required by a certain date, allow at least a week’s processing time before the bill is generated.

Information for tenant moving in

(1) Name of new tenant:
(2) Mailing address as it will appear on the utility bill.
(3) Date the new tenant will be moving in and utility bill will become their responsibility.Note: if name of new tenant is not available, utility bill will be placed in the property owners name and mailing address.

Property owner information required

(1) Name of property owner
(2) Mailing address of property owner
(3) Signature of property owner verifying that information is correct and acknowledging that if utility bill is in arrears on November 15th, the bill will become a lien against the property. This lien is pursuant to Wis. State Statutes, Section 66.069(1)(b) and states “On November 16………which arrears still remain unpaid, and stating the amount of such arrears together with the added penalty thereon as hereby provided. Each such delinquent amount, including such penalty, shall thereupon become a lien upon the lot or parcel of real estate to which the water was furnished and payment for which is delinquent, and the clerk shall insert the same as a tax against such lot or parcel of real estate.”
Utility personnel generally can be scheduled to obtain inside readings anytime during working hours, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Utility Office will gather all readings taken and prepare and mail all final bills once a week. If you are selling your home and will be requiring a final bill for closing, contact the Utility Office as soon as possible to schedule adequate time, a one week minimum, to read and prepare the bill. A final bill included in the closing documents will insure that an unpaid bill is not placed as an assessment against the property owner’s tax bill.

Notices for delinquent bills being placed on tax roll

Annually, on October 15th, the Utility gives notice to property owners of any unpaid water & sewer utility bill outstanding prior to October 1st. The notice includes the amount of the arrears, including statement of a 10% penalty that will be assessed unless paid by November 1st. On November 16th, any delinquent bills will be turned over to the City Clerk to be placed as a lien upon the parcel of land which the water service was furnished.

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