Meter Questions


How does the Delavan Water Utility read my meter?

The homes in the City of Delavan have a recordall transmitter register that captures and stores the reading for billing purposes. This allows the Utility the ability to retrieve your water meter reading with a handheld radio data collection device without having to enter your home.

What is a billing unit?

One billing unit equals 100 cubic feet. 100 cubic feet measures out to 748 gallons. Therefore if your family used 733 cubic feet, you’ve used 5,483 gallons for a month.

Where is my water meter located?

Water meters are always located inside the home, normally in the basement or possibly a crawl space. On occasion they can be found inside closets.

How do I read my water meter?

Most meters used today have a digital type display, with six digits. To read your meter, you would read the numbers from left to right.

Why is it important to know where my water meter is located?

Knowing where your water meter is located should be a priority for all property owners and tenants. If the home is “up to code” there should be a shut-off valve on each side of the water meter. This shut-off valve will stop the flow of water within your home should a plumbing emergency arise. These valves should be “exercised” on occasion to make sure they will work when they’re needed. If your valves don’t work, it is your responsibility to insure that these valves are functioning properly.

Is it time for your meter checkup?

Don’t be surprised if Delavan Water Utility meter personnel knock at your door or leave a yellow tag on your door, asking for the opportunity to replace your water meter.

Wisconsin Public Service Commission, which regulates water utilities, mandates that all meters be tested for accuracy. Residential water meters are to be tested once every (20) twenty years. This is to ensure that your water usage is correct and represents a fair billing. Generally, the meter exchange is completed within a half-hour.

Helpful hints to make exchange go smoothly: Water meters are generally located in the basement to prevent freezing in the winter. Keep the area around your meter clear for easy access. Keep the valves on both sides of the meter in good operating condition. Remember that these valves are your property and may be needed in an emergency to shut off the water due to a broken fixture or pipe. Our meter personnel will also need to shut off your water to exchange the meter, so make sure that everyone in your family will be aware of the temporary outage.
The Delavan Water Utility appreciates your cooperation to allow us to exchange the meter in your home or business.

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