Winter tips


Is your home ready for winter?

Every winter customers experience freezing service lines, meters, pipes and water outages. Often these situations could have been avoided. Winterizing your home should include more than putting on your storm windows. It should also include making sure heat will be available around the water meter.

If your meter is enclosed inside of a wall, remove the access panel to allow heat to circulate. If your home or business is going to be vacant, be sure heat will be available at all times, or call the utility office to schedule having your water turned off at the street. Frozen meters and pipes will eventually thaw and damage will result, not to mention high water bills.

Adopt a hydrant for the winter

During heavy snowfalls, fire hydrants can become buried by plowed snow. This can become a dangerous situation and could cause fire fighters wasted valuable time in starting attempts to put out the fire.

If you see a fire hydrant located on or near your property, which has been covered and will not allow speedy access, please contact the Utility office 728-5585 ext. 127 or 139 and personnel will be notified of the situation. If you would prefer, the utility would greatly appreciate your removing the snow around the hydrant when you are shoveling your property.

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