Thank you!

Thank you to all our amazing poll workers, volunteers, and City staff members who helped make the Election run smoothly. We processed almost 1500 absentee ballots and had hundreds of in-person voters.

Thank you to Adam in Public Works for making our “sneeze guards” to help keep voters and poll workers safe and thank you to City Hall staff members who helped send out an unprecedented number of absentee ballots over the last few weeks.

And a huge thank you to our voters who were able to request absentee ballots and vote from home to keep our polls less crowded for in-person voters, and to those voters who patiently waited and maintained social distancing while we sanitized and worked to keep our polling place safer!

Absentee ballots postmarked by April 7 will be counted by our poll workers next Monday, April 13 after 4:00 pm. Election results will be posted here and on the City’s Facebook page when all ballots have been counted.

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