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For Immediate Release

The Walworth County Transportation Coordinating Committee is pleased to announce that Shared-Ride Taxi service will be available throughout the County starting on January 3, 2017.

The service will offer transportation to all county residents for any purpose. Hours of operation will be from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday and from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays. The service is available to all areas of the county, but will not provide in-town transportation in the City of Whitewater, which has its own shared-ride program. Whitewater residents, however, may use the service to travel to other Walworth County communities.

The basic fare for in-town transportation is $3.50 for adults and $2.50 for seniors, persons with disabilities and students. Individuals who reside in rural areas of county will have transportation to the nearest community to their residence regarded as in-town transportation.

VIP Services, Inc. of Elkhorn will provide vehicles, drivers and dispatch for the service after successfully meeting the County’s requirements during a procurement process. VIP has many years of experience in providing transportation to residents of Walworth County. Individuals desiring rides should call VIP at 262-723-4043, Extension 161 after December 22 to reserve rides. While advance reservations are suggested, the service will provide rides without advanced reservations as well at the same phone number.

Further information regarding the program is available by contacting Walworth County Administration at 262-741-4357.

The complete fare schedule for the service follows:

All Fares Shown are One-Way

In town:
Elderly/Disabled/Student        $2.50
Regular Adult                              $3.50
Billed Fare                                   $7.00

Next Community (as defined Below):
Elderly/Disabled/Student       $4.00
Regular Adult                             $5.00
Billed Fare                                  $9.00

Next towns: Delavan to Elkhorn, Darien: Darien to Delavan, Walworth/Fontana; East Troy to Elkhorn; Elkhorn to Delavan, East Troy, Williams Bay; Genoa City to Lake Geneva, Pell Lake; Lake Geneva to Elkhorn, Genoa City, Lyons, Bloomfield, Williams Bay; Bloomfield to Genoa City and Lake Geneva; Sharon to Darien and Walworth/Fontana; Walworth/Fontana to Darien, Sharon, Williams Bay; Whitewater to La Grange, Richmond; Williams Bay to Elkhorn, Lake Geneva, Walworth/Fontana.

Walworth/Fontana is regarded as one community. Mercy Walworth Medical Center is treated as a next-town trip from Delavan, Elkhorn and Williams Bay and an in-town trip for Lake Geneva. Township residents trips are regarded  as in-town to the nearest community  listed  above.

Any in-county trip not listed above:
Elderly/Disabled/Student          $6.00
Regular Adult                                $7.50
Billed Fare                                     $12.00


Transportation Serves persons 60+, adults with disabilities and veterans.
For details, see their website by clicking here.

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